Warp Site

Warp Sites are transportational devices that appear in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They only appear in certain instances - Warp Site Alpha and Warp Site Bravo on Bryyo connect Bryyo Fire and Bryyo Ice, respectively. Leviathan Access Portal on the Pirate Homeworld leads to the Leviathan Battleship.


Warp Site Alpha/BravoEdit


Samus uses a Warp in Warp Site Alpha

"Unique energy signal detected. Pedestal is emitting a teleport signal. Approach pedestal to initiate teleport."

Leviathan Access PortalEdit

"Primary warp system online. Access to orbiting Leviathan granted. Enter hologram to initiate warp."
"Transportation portal online. Connection to orbiting Leviathan has been established."

Leviathan BattleshipEdit

"Transportation portal online. Connection to the Pirate Homeworld has been established."

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