Warp Site Alpha is a room appearing in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, connecting Bryyo Fire to Bryyo Ice via a Warp Site. Inside, a battering ram exists on the ceiling, covered in Ice. It must be destroyed with the Plasma Beam. Samus can then activate a Ceremonial Golem to smash the battering ram into a gong. She can then use a Spinner to rotate a gate blocking the walls, so that the golem can smash the broken wall covering the Warp Site.

Vince Joly animated the cutscene of the Golem using the battering ram.

Connecting rooms[]


The Ceremonial Golem and the Spinner.

"Unidentified structure has been frozen in place. High-temperature shots could probably melt the ice."
Ceremonial Golem
"Ceremonial Golem appears deteriorated but still functional. A concussive blast may activate it."
"Numerous fractures detected within this wall. A strong impact could probably break through it."
Battering ram
"Suspended stone column can be swung from side to side, but is too heavy to move alone."
Ceremonial Golem (offline)
"Ceremonial Golem has already been used and has shut down. Unit is permanently offline."
Spinner (offline)
Device: Spinner. Spinner is inactive. Unable to operate at this time."
Warp Site
"Unique energy signal detected. Pedestal is emitting a teleport signal. Approach pedestal to initiate teleport."