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Bryyo fire warp

Gel Cavern

The Warp Statues[citation needed] (or Warp Heads as named in the internal data of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) are a transportation system that serve as a shortcut between the two ends of Bryyo Fire. The actual heads themselves are statues in the shape of a Reptilican head, and connects a one-way tunnel between the Gel Cavern and the Imperial Hall.

The statues are identical, having no apparent differences. The heads have four upper teeth, which are also fanged, two bottom teeth, small eyes and a sharp horn, which are also features found on Bryyonian Golems. The heads are surrounded by six claw-like protrusions on the wall and five green circles above them. In the Gel Cavern, the statue can be seen sucking in air, and shuts its mouth fast when something enters it. It charges green energy momentarily before launching its cargo to the opposite room.

The statue cannot be used from the Imperial Hall, and not from the Gel Cavern either on Samus's first visit because it is blocked by a stream of Fuel Gel, which is damaging to Samus's PED Suit. To get around it, Samus must first obtain the Ice Missiles by killing Rundas in the nearby Temple of Bryyo. When she comes back to the Cavern, she can temporarily freeze the ceiling geyser that is spewing the Gel fall and enter the statue in Morph Ball form. She will be launched through the tunnel and back into the Imperial Hall. A Friend Voucher, "Shortcut Discovered" is rewarded the first time this path is used.


Imperial Hall 4

Imperial Hall

Imperial Hall
"Stonework head is blocking access to a transportation shaft. Unable to enter from this side."
Gel Cavern
"Stonework head is open. Enter the opening to access the transportation shaft."
Unused Matt Manchester lore
"The Lord Artisan – Arkithun: After the gods departed Bryyo, and chose to live upon the sun, it was Arkithun who crafted for the gods the mighty City of Glass. Its sprawling towers and buildings are their eternal dwellings. From within its walls, the light of the high god may still penetrate to soak all with vitality and life. After crafting the divine city, Arkithun granted to the children of Bryyo the knowledge and gift of architecture, to forge a civilization for themselves."
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