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This article is about the unused nest from Metroid Fusion. For the nests from the Metroid Prime series, see War Wasp Hive.
Fusion kihunternest

An unnamed brown-colored hive resembling a terrestrial wasp nest exists as an unused sprite in the data of Metroid Fusion.

Its purpose and inhabitants are unknown. When reprogrammed back into the game, it rests on the ceiling but does nothing and takes no damage. Two buzzing insects surround each nest, and they will follow Samus if she attacks the hive with a missile, although they cause no damage either.

The nest's sprite is located among the Kihunter sprites, suggesting that it is a Kihunter hive. However, this nest bears no resemblance to the canonical Kihunter Nest that is later seen in Metroid: Other M.


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