The Watch Station is a room in the Sanctuary Fortress. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A large room, it features two rotating platforms in the middle that spin constantly and can be used as platforms. A Spider Ball Track exists on one of the walls and can be used to get to a Kinetic Orb Cannon, and in turn a series of more Spider Ball Tracks and a Morph Ball maze leading to a Beam Ammo Expansion as well as a portal to the Aerial Training Site.

Connecting rooms[]


Before acquiring the Screw Attack[]

2 Rezbits
"Mechanism: Rezbit
Rogue patrol drone.
Variable beam cannon and digital virus delivery system makes target very dangerous. Barrier shield and phasing power help protect it from damage."

After acquiring the Screw Attack[]

2 Pirate Aerotroopers
"Morphology: Pirate Aerotrooper
Airborne assault trooper.
Fast-moving and extremely well-armed. Jet packs can be overloaded with thermal damage."


The Beam Ammo Expansion

Beam Ammo Expansion
Samus must follow the Spider Ball Track and Morph Ball tunnel to a hidden section of the room that contains the expansion.


Luminoth Lore (Sanctuary Falls) (Gamecube version only)
"Our battered forces gathered in the Sanctuary Fortress to prepare for the inevitable siege there. They didn't wait long. Wave after wave of Ing assaulted the greatest of our fortresses, with one goal in mind: to seize the energy there. The Ing turned the machines of Sanctuary against our warriors, and soon all was lost. The energy of Sanctuary was taken by the Ing. Only one Energy Controller remained on Aether."
Luminoth Lore (Twilight) (Trilogy version only)
"What few remained gathered in the Great Temple. There, all but U-Mos, the last sentinel of Aether, entered into life-preserving stasis. There they would remain, to be released once the Ing were destroyed...or to sleep forever. His people safe, U-Mos prepared for the last, terrible assault. In the silence of the Great Temple, he prayed for salvation, for deliverance from the terror of the Ing."
Spider Ball Track
"System: Spider Ball Track
Magnetic rail system track.
In Morph Ball mode, press and hold R* when close to this type of surface. Use Control Stick to move the Ball along the track. Release R* to disengage from the surface.
CAUTION: A Morph Ball Bomb will briefly disengage the Ball from the track."
Dark Portal (inactive)
"This rift portal is inactive.
The portal field can be energized with dark energy. Walk into an energized portal to transport to Dark Aether."
Dark Portal (active)
"This portal is active.
Walk into the portal to transport to Dark Aether. Extreme caution recommended once transit is complete."
* Kinetic Orb Cannon hologram
"Enter hologram in Morph Ball mode to fire Cannon."

* Note: text is centered-aligned in scan, unlike the others which are left-aligned.