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Watchdrones are Luminoth mechanoids that were found on Dark Aether. They are three-legged spheres that do not serve any combat functions, but are blocking the way to the Key of G-Sch in the Dungeon of the Dark Torvus Bog. They only appear in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

The Luminoth created the Watchdrones to guard important locations, however they were corrupted by the Ing, turning them against their former masters. They proved to serve a similar purpose to Ingworms, blocking access to areas. The Ing may have used them as a more "portable" blocking mechanism, for use guarding small tunnels rather than passageways and Doors.

Logbook scan of a Watchdrone

Watchdrones are virtually indestructible, and as such are invulnerable to all of Samus' weapons. They have one weakness: they dislike the light of Light Beacons, and will move out of the way when light beacons above them are activated. Samus used this method to get around them when she was searching for the Sky Temple Keys.

When Dark Aether was destroyed, it is likely that all the Watchdrones went with it.

Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Mechanoid: Watchdrone
Rogue sentry mechanoid. Indestructible, but irritated by bright light. Target can be herded out of place by exposing it to light.

Logbook entry

Watchdrones were built by the Luminoth to guard key areas and hinder Ing armies. Most of these units have betrayed their masters, and now serve the Ing. Watchdrones are indestructible and reluctant to move, but can be forced into quitting their posts by exposing them to bright, pure light. Once the light fades, the mechanoid will return to its original resting site.


A Watchdrone in gameplay.