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The water-filled hole is a room in Crateria. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Metroid. It did not exist in Metroid.


This is a short corridor located in a cave underneath a large stretch of Chozo Ruins in Crateria, the surface of Zebes. It is accessed through a tunnel in the floor of that room. The corridor is flooded with water, with only small portions of the rocky floor peaking above its surface. A gap in the floor is covered by a Chozo Block with an etching of the Plasma Beam item; underneath it is a Missile Tank (see below).

Beside this gap is a larger section of rock floor, which has three "steps" formed out of it. On each "step" is a Chozo Block. At the very end of the room is a menacing-looking green Chozo Statue holding an Unknown Item (the Plasma Beam) that is incompatible with the Power Suit. After collecting it, Samus can morph into the Statue's hands to recharge her energy and Missile Ammo. To leave the room, she must shoot the Chozo Blocks and climb up the rock outcroppings. There is no reason to revisit this room after collecting the Plasma Beam, except potentially to recharge energy and ammo in the Statue's hands.

This room returns with significant differences in Super Metroid. It is now an underground cavern with multiple pools of water, and the Chozo Statue is gone. This cavern contains 3 Wavers and 3 Choots, the latter of which reside in the three pools. The room's primary purpose is to connect into an alternate entrance to the Wrecked Ship, where the Gravity Suit is obtained.

Connecting rooms[]

Items (Zero Mission)[]

Plasma Beam
In the hands of the Chozo Statue.
Missile Tank
After collecting the Plasma Beam, Samus must shoot a Chozo Block above this tank in the water. She can shoot part of the wall next to it to get out of the water.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Page 37
"While you're on your way to the surface, stop at a block that has Chozo markings. Use bombs to access a path to the lower right, and follow it to a statue. Although the item that you collect from the statue will not be compatible with your suit, it will give you the power to blast through the large blocks.
Missile Tank
"On your way from the statue, break the large block near the hatch to gain access to a Missile Tank. After you collect the item, destroy blocks to the left for a way out of the water-filled hole."