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"Waterworks" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is located in the warehouse facility of the Cryosphere, and is reached from the "cargo storage room". It is positioned on a steep incline, which is above a flowing waterfall. The water's origin is unknown, but it may consist of runoff from the frozen environments nearby. Along the incline are a series of flipping platforms, some of which are stationary, some stuck and some unable to support the weight of a person. The purpose of the platforms is unknown.

Samus comes to this room after her exploration of the rest of the warehouse, and ascends it using the platforms. If she misses a jump or otherwise falls off a platform, she will slide down the incline like any slope. Samus usually does a small hop before she begins to slide down. It is not possible to run up the incline using the Speed Booster as in other rooms with inclines, as the platforms will stop Samus.

The base of the room.

At least two platforms are encased in ice and flipped down; the ice can be removed with a Missile, allowing the platforms to flip up again and be usable. Further up the slope are two platforms (including the very last one) that are unable to support Samus's weight and collapse when she stands on them; after a moment they will automatically re-extend themselves. Samus can target their undersides in Search View and fire a charged Ice Beam blast to permanently freeze them in place.

At the top of the incline, the room turns into an arcing passageway lined with a fence and curved lamp-posts. At the end of it are two Kyratians and the door to the next Navigation Booth. Beside the exit are a large blast door and what appears to be another pair of doors, neither of which can be accessed by Samus. It is likely that these were used by the BOTTLE SHIP's staff to pass through the room.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 100
"Dodge the obstacles in your way, then return to the area where you fought the three Zebesians recently. This time pass through the hatch on the far left wall; It leads to a long room with a series on platforms on an incline.
Hit the Joulions with a few shots and they die instantly. Begin hopping up the platforms. When you reach a frozen one, thaw it with a missile. If you come across one that won't stay erect, hit it with a Charge Beam blast to freeze it in place."
Page 101
"At the top of the incline, eliminate the two Kyratians in your way, then save your progress at the nearby Navigation Booth."