Watery Hall is a room in Metroid Prime in the Chozo Ruins. This room contains the Charge Beam which is blocked by a large gate and can only be opened by scanning the four Runic Symbols around the room and then a final one on the gate itself. After the Charge Beam is acquired, many Eyons on the walls activate and block the exit.

The water that covers the floor here is toxic before Flaahgra is defeated, so the high ledges along the walls must be used to reach the other end. A few lower ledges house Blastcaps and some crates, and a ledge underwater allows access to a Missile Expansion. There is a piece of Chozo Lore behind the Charge Beam that can be scanned; and, nearby, a Morph Ball hole in the wall is blocked with Sandstone. This leads to the Dynamo Access door.

A Secret World can be found in this room: [1]


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Connecting roomsEdit


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"Roots originate over walls. No decomposition detected; host plant appears to thrive on toxic water."
Chozo sculpture
"Trace sediments indicate water once flowed here."
Runic symbol
"This runic symbol has been activated. Four runic symbols in room must be activated."
Fifth runic symbol
"The gate has been unlocked."
"Unidentifiable obstruction approximately 1 meter wide blocks the hole."
Runic gate
"This large metal gate blocks entrance to the area beyond. Four runic symbols adorn its surface. Matching symbols within this room must be scanned to gain access here."


Watery Hall Charge Beam Item Form Dolphin HD

The Charge Beam

Charge Beam
This is reached by scanning four runic symbols and getting through the gate at the opposite end of the room.
Missile Expansion
To acquire this, the Gravity Suit is required. It is found by walking underwater, to a ledge roughly across from the Charge Beam's location. The expansion is found past this by jumping up it.



  • This is the only room where deactivated Eyons can be seen.
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