The Wavebuster is the Charge Combo of the Wave Beam, found exclusively in Metroid Prime. Along with the Flamethrower, it is one of two Sustained Fire Charge Combos in Metroid Prime, that is to say it fires an uninterrupted stream of energy with a range of up to 10 meters, as opposed to individual bursts or blasts.

The Wavebuster retains the paralyzing effect of a fully-charged Wave Beam in the original release of the game, though not in the later Wii version. Victims to the Wavebuster will be rendered totally incapable of movement, and flung violently backwards when released. An interesting effect of the Wavebuster is its auto-targeting feature. If fired without first locking-on to an enemy, the Wavebuster will acquire a target by itself, shooting off at an angle from the tip of Samus' Arm Cannon. When used on Metroid Prime, the Wavebuster will paralyse the boss while it is in use.

Its appearance and effects are very similar to a real-life directed energy weapon, the electrolaser, which uses a laser to ionize surrounding air whilst a secondary charge releases an electrical shock.

It is activated by first charging the Wave Beam and then firing a Missile. It requires 10 Missiles for the initial shot, and then drains 5 Missiles per second afterwards. Because of this, even though it is very powerful, the Wavebuster should be used sparingly. In addition to this high ammo usage, many missiles are required to obtain it. In the Tower of Light, blocks that require three missiles to destroy are holding up the tower itself. There are three layers of tower, each with four of said blocks, whilst Oculus, which will reflect any missiles that come near them, crawl over these blocks. This makes it difficult to obtain if the player does not have many missile expansions.


  • If Samus Sequence Breaks to obtain the Wavebuster before the Varia Suit, she can use it to damage Flaahgra.
  • Its stream-like appearance is very similar to the proton packs regularly used in Ghostbusters, which may explain its name.
  • The fact that the Wave Buster automatically finds a target, even when not locked on, makes it the quickest and easiest way to dispatch of the Cloaked Drone.
  • Using the Wavebuster on a Missile Door Lock will not destroy the Lock. Strangely, the door will still open. This behavior is also present when using the Flamethrower.