The Weakened Column in Fault Line, fallen over.

The Weakened Column appears in Metroid Prime Hunters as a minor object, as well as an obstacle. In Fault Line on Arcterra, the base of the column is weak enough that a Missile blast will cause it to fall over and be usable as a bridge.

Other appearances[]

Obstacles identical in function but different in appearance are found in the Agon Wastes, specifically, in the rooms Mining Plaza and Mining Station A, and the Cryosphere, in the "vast ice cavern". In the latter case, the column is made of solid ice and broken in half using a Missile and Bomb at its base. Doing so causes it to break off and fall below, allowing Samus to stand on the severed base. When the room becomes flooded, it floats on the surface of the water and acts as a platform.


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
"Structual analysis complete. Structural integrity of Brinstone object at critical."
Metroid Prime Hunters
"A percussive blast may destroy the column's base."