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The "weed-filled hall", also known as the "Pre-Map Flyway", is a room in Crateria. It appears in Super Metroid, although chronologically it is first seen in Metroid: Zero Mission.


Metroid: Zero Mission[]

In Zero Mission, the weed-filled hall is a short corridor in the cave next to the Landing Site. It cannot be visited until the Power Bombs are acquired, since the path to it is blocked by a boulder obstruction in the rocky cave. There is little to speak of in this hallway, aside from flat rocks in the background and a group of weeds and a boulder on the floor. Curiously, despite the room's close proximity to Tourian, it does not sustain damage or discoloration from the facility's explosion.

It leads into a elevator shaft to Brinstar, although the elevator is non-functional. Samus presumably came through here to get to Corridor No. 1 at the start of the game, meaning the boulder would have fallen after her arrival.

Super Metroid[]

The weed-filled hall became the "Pre-Map Flyway" (as termed by speedrunners) in Super Metroid, being redeveloped presumably by the Space Pirates. It is now a hallway of artificial blue stonework. The room it leads into, formerly an elevator to Brinstar, is now the Crateria Map Station. Four raised steps are present in the floor, and curious eye-like etchings can be seen on the wall in the background. It is inhabited by Mellows and a Reo, marking their first appearances in the game. It cannot be visited until Missiles have been acquired. There is a similar corridor in Crateria, above this one, that leads to the Torizo.

Connecting rooms[]

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