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A Whipvine[1], also referred to as a Frondana[1] (フラワナ Fulwana?)[2], is a stationary, plant-like entity that appears in Metroid: Other M, in the Biosphere onboard the BOTTLE SHIP.

Description[edit | edit source]

It usually appears as a small, orange pod affixed to a wall, and is invulnerable to all weapons. However, when Samus approaches, the pod will open and extend a long, coiled tentacle similar to the Reaper Vine of Tallon IV, or will begin shooting sparking projectiles[3]. If Samus gets within the creature's reach while its tentacle is extended, it will grab her, shake her about, and electrocute her before letting go, destroying the vine in the process and forcing it to rely solely on shooting sparks thereafter. This attack, although non-lethal, is one of the few sources of damage that can interrupt the Screw Attack. The Whipvine is also capable of swiping at Samus more quickly- although it will be unable to electrocute her, the vine will remain intact to be used later. When open, Whipvines are vulnerable to a single Missile blast, the Plasma Beam, or the Screw Attack.

Whipvines seem to be symbiotically related to the BOTTLE SHIP's Kihunters: five of the plants can be seen on the supports surrounding the Kihunter Nest on the Biological Experiment Floor, and will attack Samus in a coordinated pattern along with the Kihunters. Whether this is a natural relationship or the result of MB's tampering is unknown.

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Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M[edit | edit source]

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"Whipvines attack Samus by shaking their ivy and strike. If you are caught in the ivy, you'll be shaken off. Missile attacks are effective."

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