This article is about doors opened by the Light Beam. For other uses, see White Door (Disambiguation).
White Door Light Beam

A white hatch.

A white hatch[1] is a Door that can be only be opened by a weapon using white-hot light, namely the Light Beam. This door type is only found in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The white color is actually the color of a force field covering the door. After shooting a white hatch with the Light Beam, the energy covering it will disrupt and dissipate, allowing Samus to enter the next room.

White hatches are very common and they appear all over Aether, like their counterparts do. Their name originates from the instruction manual.

List of rooms with white hatchesEdit


"There is a Blast Shield on the door blocking access.
Analysis indicates that the Blast Shield is invulnerable to most weapons. Light energy may damage it."


  • When a Blue Door becomes a Blast Shield in Echoes, it turns white in addition to the padlock sealed over it. This colour change only happens in the Trilogy version of the game.


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