Wikitroid has a Discord server! Discord is a free and easy-to-use text and voice chat system. You can join Wikitroid's server by clicking here - no software download required in most cases, though downloads of the full Discord client are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.


Wikitroid administrators also serve as moderators of the Discord server, and they are responsible for enforcing the channel rules. Violation of these rules may result in sanctions ranging from losing the ability to speak on the server to being banned from the server, generally at the discretion of the moderators.

  1. The rules presented here are the complete server rules and expand upon the summary shown when a user first joins the server.
  2. Behavior that disrespects or abuses others is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, remarks targeted at disparaging someone due to their race, religion, gender identity, orientation, and other similar classes. Trolling is also prohibited.
  3. Do not impersonate other users.
  4. Prolonged, gratuitous profanity is frowned upon. The Metroid series is for young gamers as much as old; thus, remember that the Discord server's audience may also include younger users. Occasional use of profanity in "natural" contexts, such as expressing frustration, is accepted. Use of profanity as a means to personally attack other users, on the other hand, is strictly prohibited. Use common sense.
  5. Keep the server safe for work - again, the server is for younger users as well. Sexual content and topics are prohibited. Use your judgment, or if in doubt, contact an admin in private.
  6. No spamming or flooding. Promotion, including self-promotion, is allowed in some circumstances only for established members of the Wikitroid community to occasionally and briefly promote projects that would be of interest to the community. Promotion by new users (e.g., you just joined the Discord), excessive self-promotion (either sending too many messages or excessively long messages), or promotion of projects that are not relevant to Metroid are all prohibited. Use your judgement and, if in doubt, clear it with an admin in private first. In general, self-promotion is more frowned upon than promotion of others' projects, but both kinds of promotion are subject to these rules.
  7. Note that, unlike IRC, Discord is logged and anyone who joins the server can see the entire history of past conversations.


Wikitroid editors can receive the "Editors" role on the server, which changes the color of their username to blue and grants extra privileges like the ability to change your nickname on-server and to control the music bot (Radio LizardNet). All Wikitroid users are eligible to receive verification; to request it, first join the server, then simply edit the "Requests" section below and add your full Discord tag (in the format Username#nnnn) to the bulleted list along with a link to your userpage. An admin will then add the role to you!