Wikitroid has a Discord server! Discord is a free and easy-to-use text and voice chat system. You can join Wikitroid's server by clicking here - no software download required in most cases, though downloads of the full Discord client are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The Discord server's #brinstar text channel has a two-way link to Wikitroid's IRC channel.

Verification Edit

Wikitroid editors can receive the "Editors" role on the server, which changes the color of their username to blue and grants extra privileges like the ability to change your nickname on-server and to control the music bot (Radio LizardNet). All Wikitroid users are eligible to receive verification; to request it, first join the server, then simply edit the "Requests" section below and add your full Discord tag (in the format Username#nnnn) to the bulleted list, signing with three tildes (~~~). An admin will then add the role to you!

Note: if you use the real-time Visual Editor then you cannot properly sign on this page. Instead just create a link to your userpage; if you'd like to be fancy, hold your pinky up and use Template:Discord verify, but note that it must be substituted. You will have to open the source editor from the "hamburger" dropdown to do so.

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