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Little birdie staring at Samus.

A creature known to the ringleaders on the Bottle Ship as little birdie is a small, rodent-like organism seen in Metroid: Other M and is the juvenile stage of Ridley's life-cycle. It was genetically cloned from DNA found on Samus' armor prior to the game's events. Not knowing it was spawned by Ridley's DNA, the scientists thought it lacked potential as a bioweapon, and instead began treating it as their pet, giving it its nickname. Some time later it was found playing dead in its cage and escaped after it brutally murdered the unfortunate scientist who discovered it.

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Burrowers are small parasite-type creatures that prowl underground. The main variant of this species can be found in Magmoor Caverns and Phazon Mines. There is also a variant of the species called the Ice Burrower, which is adapted for life in more frigid climates; its habitat is limited to the Phendrana Drifts.

Burrowers dig their tunnels just under the surface, so its movement is easily visible from above. When it detects an approaching threat, it springs several feet into the air from its tunnel and spits a small glob of acid at its target. While it is underground, it cannot be harmed, but once it jumps up, it is vulnerable to even basic weapons fire.

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The Zero Suit is a skintight full-body jumpsuit worn by Samus Aran underneath her Power Suit, and appears after many recent Metroid game endings.

The suit first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission after Samus defeated Mother Brain and initially escaped from the surface of Zebes. While in orbit, Samus was pursued by a small fleet of Space Pirate ships, and even escaped, but was subsequently shot down from afar. Samus crash landed onto the surface of the planet nearby the Space Pirate Mother Ship, stripped of her Power Suit. While in the Zero Suit, Samus can not use many of the traditional weapons and abilities the Power Suit grant her. She is forced to rely on an emergency pistol called the Paralyzer and her own acrobatic skills instead.

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Alpha Metroid art

Alpha Metroid art

The Alpha Metroid is the third stage (fourth if counting the egg) of a typical Metroid's life cycle, appearing in two games, Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid Fusion.

When a Larval Metroid reaches the Alpha stage, the closed membrane once at the top becomes the belly and it remains so for the rest of its life cycle (the membrane only increases in size), and a plated exoskeleton grows where the mandibles once were. The Alpha Metroid has two compound eyes, a horn on its forehead, two small tusks, and incompletely developed limbs running along its sides. Instead of the three nuclei like earlier Metroid stages possess, the Alpha and its following molts up to the Omega Metroid stage have one nucleus only. The Alpha Metroid has very basic and straightforward movements, so it doesn't pose any large threat. Five Missiles on the tender underside will take this creature down. (continue reading)


Metroid ch01 Cover

The cover of Metroid: Volume 1

Metroid: Volume 1 is the first of two graphic novels in a series, consisting of seven chapters (Metroid: Volume 2 finishes the story with the final nine). The manga provides early history on series heroine Samus Aran. Chapter 1 details Samus's childhood, including how she got acquainted with the Chozo and how the Space Pirates destroyed her home at K-2L. Chapter 2 details how the Chozo train Samus on Zebes, and introduces Mother Brain as a Chozo computer.

The Metroid manga borrows many characters and plot elements from the Super Metroid comic and it is widely accepted as the canonical backstory for Metroid, as many panels from the manga are used in the endings of the Japanese version of Metroid Fusion, and certain parts of all editions of Metroid: Zero Mission. (continue reading)


Super Metroid Tourian

Samus engaging Metroids in Tourian

Tourian is the main headquarters of the Space Pirates' fortress on Zebes, and the residing place of Mother Brain. It is almost completely artificial, with structures largely made of metal materials, and corridors formed through metal pipework. Pools of Lava fill certain rooms of the area. Artificial lifeforms such as Rinkas, Zebetites and Ring Beam Units provide defense and security for Mother Brain, as well as hordes of Metroids, marking their debut appearance. After the defeat of Mother Brain, a time bomb incinerates the facility and reduces it to slag.

In Super Metroid, Samus has to travel through the old ruins of original Tourian from her Zero Mission very early in her mission through Zebes. The mission ends in a rebuilt Tourian. In this rebuilt base Metroids are once again the main creatures to battle leading up the path to Mother Brain, but whether they broke loose again or were intentionally released is never made clear. Also, Space Pirates seem to populate the Tourian sections found behind Mother Brain's command post. Still, the multiplied Metroids are the main obstacles that make the path to Mother Brain's chamber a very difficult journey. (continue reading)


Samus encounters Parasite Queen Dolphin HD

The Parasite Queen in the Reactor Core.

The Parasite Queen is the first boss in Metroid Prime and, by extension, the first boss in the Prime trilogy. It is also, of course, the first Metroid boss to be fought in 3D. It is encountered on the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon, in the Reactor Core.

The Parasite Queen is a Parasite genetically enhanced by Phazon. The Parasites were some of the first species to be experimented on with Phazon by the Space Pirates. Common results were an enormous increase in mass and length, as well as an enhancement of the acidic glands located near the creatures' mouths (the Parasite Queen is seen constantly drooling a green liquid substance). There were originally three Parasite Queens: two of them managed to break free from their stasis tanks and wreaked havoc in the Pirate Ship. The Space Pirates managed to kill one of them as it reached the Frigate's evacuation chamber, while the other reached the Reactor where it was later fought by Samus. After being sufficiently weakened, it fell into the reactor core, causing the ship to self destruct. (continue reading)


Torvus Bog

Samus entering the Torvus Bog

Torvus Bog is a semi-industrialised wetland area found on the planet Aether. It is the result of an ocean flooding Torvus Forest, due to the cataclysmic Phazon Meteor impact that ravaged the planet decades ago. Torvus Bog is home to many aquatic and reptilian animals, among them the Alpha Blogg. Its Dark Aether counterpart is Dark Torvus.

It has an upper and a lower area. The upper area is mostly what remains of the forest, while the lower areas are a completely flooded industrial area. (continue reading)


Wave Beam Upgrade

The Wave Beam upgrade as seen in the 2D games

The Wave Beam, named so for its wavy pattern and because it fires "wave energy", is a beam that Samus acquires in most games, with the exceptions of Metroid Prime: Hunters, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (though she gains the Annihilator Beam in Echoes, the Volt Driver in Hunters, and both the Grapple Voltage and the Nova Beam in Corruption, which all share a few similar properties with the Wave Beam). It fires wave energy (often in the shape of a sine curve) that can usually go through walls.

In Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus, the Wave Beam generated a single bolt that moved forward in a helical manner and passed through walls. It also acted as such in Super Metroid, as long as the other beams had been turned off. It was one of the more powerful beam weapons. In Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, the Wave Beam was a beam that could go through walls. In these games, it stacked on to the beams that Samus had acquired thus far. In Super Metroid, it could be added to any other combination of beams to make them go through walls and give them a helical trajectory, or be used alone, making a purple waving ball. In Metroid Fusion, it adds a wall penetrating effect to the already-acquired Charge, Wide, and Plasma Beams. In Zero Mission, it added a widening effect and a wall passing effect to whatever beams Samus has by that point. On its own, it has a white colour with a slight purple hue. (continue reading)



Artwork of the Shinespark in Super Metroid.

The Shinespark is a move Samus can execute after getting the Speed Booster ability and has appeared in every game with it. It was originally taught to her by the Dachora on Zebes.

The Shinespark is performed by activating the Speed Booster, crouching, and then jumping. When jumping, Samus can choose to aim the Shinespark in one of five directions; these directions are left, diagonal up-left, up, diagonal up-right, and right. The process must not be interrupted if the Shinespark is to be performed successfully. Once she has stored a charge by crouching, Samus may stand up and move around as usual with the exception of jumping normally, which will activate the Shinespark. This may be avoided by performing a Spin Jump, which does not activate the technique. While Samus cannot fire any beams while doing a Shinespark, a charged beam can be maintained during a Shinespark in Metroid: Zero Mission. (continue reading)



The Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable is used to connect the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance. The Fusion Suit and Metroid can be unlocked in Metroid Prime by connecting to Metroid Fusion with this link, and having either (or both) games beaten. Samus's Varia Suit can also be downloaded from an e-Reader card to Animal Crossing with this cable.

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Noxus is a Bounty Hunter who appears in Metroid Prime Hunters. He is a powerful Vhozon hunter, and seeks the ultimate power to be sure that no one of evil intentions possesses it.

Noxus is of the Vhozon, a highly esteemed monastic race on the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Noxus' sole reason for trying his hand at Bounty Hunting is to stop crime and protect the universe from losing the balance between good and evil. As did many of the other Bounty Hunters, Noxus received word of an opportunity to receive an extremely powerful weapon from the Alimbic Cluster, which he frantically goes to search for in hopes he can use it to bring peace to the galaxy, or at least stop it from falling into the wrong hands or the unworthy. Noxus was first encountered by Samus Aran on Arcterra, in combat with the Kriken bounty hunter, Trace. (continue reading)

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