Sylux X running for Adminship and/or Bureaucrat?

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Sylux X (talk · contribs· count · logs · block log)

I want to assist further, but I am limited due to lack of adminship. I believe I need the extra motivation: this has been a goal of mine since day 1. I just want to be the most helpful person around, and I believe being an Admin will help me achieve those goals. There are less users, and we need to show them that Wikitroid is a valuable source of knowledge to which devotion is worth. With Administrative abilities, I plan on achieving this. -- Sylux X 23:14, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

Questions for the candidate

Dear candidate, thank you for offering to serve Wikitroid by running for administrator. It is recommended that you answer these optional questions to provide guidance for participants:

1. What admin work do you intend to take part in?
A: Anything I'm needed to. Patrolling, edits, etc. I notice a lack of users lately and I want to pick up the slack. I'm planning on making Wikitroid notable, reputable, and desirable to other members.
2. What are your best contributions to Wikitroid, and why?
A: Fixing typos, grammatical mistakes, and false information. In order to have significant contributions, I need the power to do it. This adminship is a granting of ability to me, so I'm going to accelerate my duties by taking adminship on and utilizing it for the benefit of Wikitroid.
3. Have you been in any conflicts over editing in the past or have other users caused you stress? How have you dealt with it and how will you deal with it in the future?
A: I haven't, because I try to respect all users. It appears to have worked. In the future, I simply won't let conflicts happen, simple as that.

General comments

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