Wikitroid is a community-based virtual encyclopedia. You should not allow your status on the wiki (which priviliges you have) deter you from making a difference. If you are a normal registered user or even an IP, your input is always welcome and you will be treated with respect. As part of Wikitroid, you are automatically part of the community, and as such, you have the ability to carry weight in many issues that rely on community consensus to resolve. Contrary to popular belief, administrators do not hold more power than normal users, so do not be afraid to input your opinions on matters simply because a higher-"ranked" user disagrees with it. It is inappropriate to depreciate yourself by making comments like "But User:Example can beat Metroid Prime in under 2 hours, so don't mind my opinion as much as his," or "User:AverageJoe is an admin, so his opinion must be more valuable than mine."

What this guideline means[edit source]

  • Your opinion on matters is always acknowledged so far as you express it, no matter how much experience you have here.
  • You are as free to edit, suggest changes, and propose policies as anyone else.
  • You are not "useless" or "unqualified" to make edits.
  • Your edits, unless they are obviously false, will not be treated with any less credibility than other users.
  • You will be treated with respect regardless of your level of experience.

What this guideline does not mean[edit source]

  • In disputes and debates, you will be judged by the quality of your arguments, rather than your experience. As such, do not expect to automatically carry as much weight as other users.
  • While you will always be welcome as a valuable contributor, you are expected to follow our policies and guidelines, and repeated failure to do so may result in a block.
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