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SSB Ultimate Ridley up special

Ridley uses Wing Blitz in a pre-release screenshot.

Wing Blitz is the up special move of Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. When triggered, Ridley pauses, and generates purple flames underneath himself, before quickly flying upward. Unlike Fox's similar up special Fire Fox, Wing Blitz can only be angled in four specific directions: straight upward, forward and slightly downward, downward and slightly forward, or backward and slightly upward. It deals damage to opponents as it happens, and the first hit will deal exceptionally high knockback. Wing Blitz will put Ridley into a helpless state, wherein he cannot jump or move until he touches the stage again.

If Ridley hits a wall when Wing Blitzing, he will bounce off of it with vertical momentum. The move can be used as an "edgeguard" (a move that prevents other players from recovering via the stage ledge) by going off-stage and then aiming it downward toward the edge, which will cause Ridley to hit the recovering opponent before grabbing the ledge himself.

Official dataEdit

Super Smash Bros. UltimateEdit

65 Ridley
Wing Blitz
"Charges up and rises into the air with force. The path can be adjusted with directional input."