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The "Winged Ripper" is a special variant of the Ripper seen only once in Metroid: Zero Mission.


It appears in Norfair during the fight with the ensnared Kiru Giru. Samus utilizes it as a platform, by freezing it with her Ice Beam, jumping on it and then opening fire on the Tangle Vines ensnaring the Kiru Giru. Worthy of note is that this Ripper will break free from the Ice Beam faster than most other frozen enemies.

Unlike other Rippers, the "Winged Ripper" changes its altitude as it flies around the room in a set pattern. It is invulnerable to the Screw Attack, as well as Super Missiles. Its body is strong enough to not only resist the Screw Attack, but to also break Samus out of it, simultaneously harming her.

If timed right, the creature can be crushed and killed as the Kiru Giru is falling. This is the only method of killing the "Winged Ripper". When Samus leaves the room, the creature will no longer be present (nor will it respawn) when she returns, regardless of whether or not she managed to kill it.