Worker Splinters are a breed of Splinter that is bred for service, not combat. Samus Aran encountered them on Aether. They spend their time collecting food and material for the hive. They are found in the tunnel systems as opposed to the surface of Aether. Worker Splinters can spin a tensile webbing for use in storing food and constructing edifices for the Splinter hive.

Worker Splinters are insubstantial, spindly and almost transparent. They have pale bodies with a weak carapace, and a cluster of eyes that is less pronounced than that of the predatory Splinter (possibly as a side effect of evolving to thrive in a subterranean environment).

Worker Splinters are only found in the Command Chamber and Hive Tunnel.

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Logbook entry[edit | edit source]

Worker Splinter

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Worker Splinter
Drone of the Splinter Hive. Low-threat target. Generates webbing for use in its duties.

Logbook entry

The Worker Splinter is bred for service, not combat. It spends its time collecting foodstuffs and raw materials for the Hive. A layer of mucus helps to protect the creature from the toxins and chemicals it often works with. They can generate a sturdy, pliable webbing, useful in travel throughout the Hive.

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