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Wrecked Ship (難破船?)[1] is the eerie main theme for the area of the same name in Super Metroid. It continues to play after Phantoon is defeated and power is restored to the ship. It was originally composed by Minako Hamano.

The theme is remixed twice in Metroid: Zero Mission: first, in the underground sections of Crateria, which contain explorable parts outside and inside the Wrecked Ship. The second remix is a "stealth" sounding version, and begins playing when Samus enters the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It will stop, and a remix of Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear will begin playing when she is spotted by a Space Pirate, although the Wrecked Ship theme will still play in some of the earlier rooms. If a Perfect Stealth speedrun is being performed, the Wrecked Ship stealth theme will continue playing as long as Samus avoids detection, including when Samus passes through a single room of the Wrecked Ship itself. The Crateria remix of the theme is used on the Metroid Zero Mission Official Site, in the Story section. The Mother Ship version is included in the Sound Test as number 18.

Although it is not confirmed to be based on Wrecked Ship, Environmental Sound (Tension) from Metroid Fusion somewhat resembles this theme.

The original theme from Super Metroid can be heard here, the Crateria remix from Zero Mission here, and the stealth remix here.


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