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The "Wrecked Ship entrance" is a room in the Wrecked Ship. It first appeared in Super Metroid, although chronologically it is first seen in Metroid: Zero Mission as part of Crateria and Chozodia.


Metroid: Zero Mission[]

In Zero Mission, the room appears in two parts, one in Crateria and one in Chozodia, and serves to connect the two areas. There is a screen transition between each part. As the name states, this room leads directly into the Wrecked Ship, which is briefly glimpsed in Zero Mission as part of Chozodia. It is a long corridor with blue and green architecture and a slanted ceiling, and circuitry and ventilation ducts visible in the walls. On the Crateria side, it leads into the flooded cavern, and cannot be visited until the Power Bombs are obtained as the door between the rooms is a Yellow Hatch.

Super Metroid[]

In Super Metroid, the Wrecked Ship entrance is combined into one and now a straight horizontal corridor. It now has conveyors on the ceiling and floor, although they are inactive when Samus visits for the first time. Numerous blue Zebetites are visible in the background, but they cannot be interacted with. On the first visit, this room is desolate and dark, inhabited by two dozen Sbugs which scurry away at the sight of Samus. Once power has been restored to the Wrecked Ship, the background lights up and the Zebetites begin to glow. The room is long enough that Samus can activate her Speed Booster by running, and then Shinespark out of the ship through the entire flooded cavern.

Connecting rooms[]

Zero Mission[]

Super Metroid[]

Inhabitants (Super Metroid)[]

There are no enemies in this room in Zero Mission.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"With a Speed Booster-assisted Super Jump, you can clear the entire water section to the left of the Wrecked Ship. Just blaze on out the way you came in. Open the exit door first, though. Press Down and the Jump Button to launch horizontally over the water."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

WATER JUMP (pg. 55)
"A quick way to get past the water outside the ship is to open the left hand door of this corridor then got[sic] to the far right, turn and build up supersonic speed. As soon as you go through the door hit jump and you'll clear the whole stretch of water."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Exit from the left side of the square room, then run left and detonate a Power Bomb to open a yellow hatch that leads back to Crateria. In your new exploration of the area, you'll be able to reach three items that you weren't able to get the first time around."