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Xenome Containment Units are fragile containment units featured in Metroid Prime. They are featured in both the Glacier One Space Pirate labs in the Phendrana Drifts and the Phazon Mines. They can be destroyed by a single Missile, and often contain Metroids or sometimes upgrades. Metroids are able to break out of their canisters on their own, but only if the stasis field making them docile is deactivated. Since Metroids can breach the containment units, the Space Pirates usually make the areas around them very cold, or have bases in very cold regions. A different variety can also enclose items of importance, like Missile Expansions. These versions have a thick Cordite casing rather than a glass one, but can be breached by a Super Missile.

In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, containers similar to these are present in certain rooms of the Space Pirate labs in the Agon Wastes, but they are indestructible. They contain Tallon Metroids in two instances, which can again break out on their own, but that is it. They do appear in the part of Pipeline that is based on Glacier One.

The containment units are only named in a scan in the Main Quarry: "Transfer of building materials complete. Processing of materials for Xenome Containment Units under way." Empty containment units can be scanned: "Stasis tank operational but currently empty."

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