Xenoresearch A Lift is a room in Eastern SkyTown in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is an elevator that leads to Xenoresearch A, hence the name. From inside the elevator, two skeletons of creatures that resemble the Parasite Queen can be seen at the bottom and top of the elevator. One of them appears to be still alive, as it seems to be slightly moving. When Samus reaches the top of this room, she can find an Energy Tank inside a glass storage unit reinforced with a barrier. Another one that is empty is right beside it. Samus can see the Energy Tank, but will not be able to pick it up until the research station has lost power. Once the research station has lost power, this will cause the barrier to be removed and Samus can pick up the Energy Tank by shooting the glass storage unit with strong fire. The Phazon Metroid will have disappeared.

Connecting roomsEdit


Energy Tank
Inside one of the containment units. When the power goes out, the glass storage container can be destroyed with heavy fire.


Parasite Queen corpse 1
"Morphology: Unknown. Cell tissue has begun dissolving due to various experiments."
Parasite Queen corpse 2
"Morphology: Unknown. Mutated specimen appears similar to parasitic Tallon IV bioforms."
Containment units
"Containment unit online. The pod's power source is keeping the unit's energy barrier active."
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