The building that houses the Xenoresearch Labs, as seen from Zipline Station Delta.

The Xenoresearch Labs are part of the floating Chozo city of Eastern SkyTown, Elysia. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus Aran comes to this area as she seeks to destroy the Leviathan that has begun corrupting Elysia. She discovers that the Space Pirates have been using the facility to breed Phazon Metroids. These Metroids have not been contained well, it would seem, as several Pirate husks are encountered in the Labs. It is implied they were also working on creating more Parasite Queens, as corpses of large organisms similar to the creature Samus destroyed on the Frigate Orpheon can be seen in some rooms. One of them may in fact still be alive, as it can be seen moving slightly. The area itself shows advanced levels of decay and Phazon corruption, likely a result of the Pirate presence and their experiments on the aforementioned creatures.

Here in these Labs is where Samus acquires the Seeker Missile Launcher in order to obtain the Third Bomb Component back in SkyTown, which is contained by a Locking mechanism vulnerable to five simultaneously-fired Missiles. In order to get past its containment capsule, she had to remove the Energy Cell powering it. Doing so unleashed all the Phazon Metroids in the area, which subsequently moved on to infest several other areas of Eastern SkyTown. Following the Elysia Seed's destruction, the Metroids, while encountered in other areas of Eastern SkyTown, are no longer encountered in the Labs. Despite this, should Samus for whatever reason return to them, the foreboding music that plays once the Metroids are released can still be heard.


  • After the Phazon Metroids have been freed, a large swarm of the creatures can be seen flying in the sky around the Labs.
  • Mike Wikan commented in 2018 that "The phazon metroid breakout was one [of] my favorite spooky gameplay bits."[1]



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