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"Yakuza's room" is a room in the Reactor Silo, on the Main Deck of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station. It appears in Metroid Fusion.


Following a loss of power on the BSL station, Samus's computer locates the source of the problem in the Reactor Silo. It directs her to the Auxiliary Power Station in order to restore some power. This room is found before that station. The walls have an unusual bright yellow-green color scheme, with the background wall being blue. The wall in the background is covered in panels and vents that appear to have suffered some damage, as dark blemishes are found all around it. The floor is rendered from a first perspective, as though it were a 3D environment.

Upon entering the room, the door locks behind Samus and an eerie theme begins to play. On the top left of the room is an exit path, but it is not immediately reachable. It appears to have been a ventilation shaft, as it has an open hole underneath. Two chains can be seen hanging from the ceiling on the left; it is possible these held up a bridge or other mechanism.

After dropping down to the bottom of the shaft, a large spider-like creature, Yakuza attacks Samus. It crawls along the wall in the background during the battle. After Samus damages it sufficiently enough, it begins using the Space Jump ability its Core-X took from Samus's old Power Suit. Once Samus destroys its Core-X and absorbs it, she regains the Space Jump. She can enter the Auxiliary Power Station through the passage in the ceiling. After this, there is little reason to revisit Yakuza's room.

Connecting rooms[]

The Core-X after its shell has been destroyed.

The room is entered from a large, maze-like cavern of metal scaffolding.



Space Jump
Recovered after absorbing the spider's Core-X.

Official data[]

Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

10 BOSS BATTLE (pg. 74)
"The Reactor Core spider is one tough opponent. If the spider grabs you as it skitters back and forth in the arena, it will sap your energy then throw you down hard to the ground."
11 POWER ON (pg. 75)
"After you defeat the spider, and the Core-X that follows, you'll earn the awesome Space Jump ability. The Space Jump allows you to stay in the air as long as you continue to press the A Button at the right time. Space Jump timing takes some getting used to - you'll perfect it with practice. Use the Space Jump to enter a passage in the upper-left section of the boss arena and follow the passage to the Auxiliary Power Station."

Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

Page 121
"After dispatching the eye, move through the hatch and jump off the ledge. As you fall, move back and forth, then run to the far-right corner of the room. After you hear loud noises, a shower of fireballs rains down, followed by the arrival of Spider Boss, a giant spider. Try to avoid the fireballs, but don't panic if Samus is hit. The fireballs won't kill her, but Spider Boss will. Watch the giant spider as it bounces off the side walls. Move quickly to relocate Samus away from the spot the spider will hit when it reaches the ground. We suggest staying in morph ball to roll quickly from side to side during the first few landings.
Spider Boss continues bouncing off the walls, going up and down in the room. Don't waste any shots while the spider moves. You can hurt Spider Boss only when its mouth opens and red jaws protrude straight down. Run under Spider Boss and fire missiles straight up into the jaws. Every accurate shot turns Spider Boss white, so you'll know when the spider is receiving damage. Depending on how quickly you position Samus under Spider Boss, you can get up to four or five hits before the spider starts moving again."