This article is about the BSL security doors. For other uses, see Yellow Door (Disambiguation).

Samus facing a level 3 security door.

Yellow Hatches (Security Level 3) can be found throughout the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion. They are the yellow colored doors. To open them, Samus must find the Level 3 Security Station, located near the bottom of Sector 5. Once Samus has unlocked the doors, she can freely pass through them like normal doors by shooting them.

Interestingly enough, Yellow Hatches do not exist outside of Sector 5.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Adam: "You need to download data for the Ice Missile upgrade, but... As you might expect, the Data Room here is secured. Level 3 security hatches are yellow. Release the security lock and download the data as usual. And experiment with those new Missiles. They will be helpful..."

Objective: "Locate Security Room and activate yellow hatches."

"Security Level 3 unlocked. Yellow hatches now active."

"Yellow hatches now active. Proceed to Data Room."

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