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The Yujin SRDX Metroid: Zero Mission Figure is the world's first Zero Suit Samus action figure. It was produced by Yujin as part of their "Super Real Figure Deluxe" (SRDX) line of PVC figures. Zero Suit Samus's appearance is taken from Metroid: Zero Mission, and this figure was released in December 2004, the same year that Zero Mission was released. It was a limited edition 14cm figure and it cost 2310 yen ($21.94 US) at the time. The figure was never released outside Japan (similar to the Figma figures of Samus in her Varia Suit and Zero Suit), making it an extremely rare collector's item unless ordered online. It is now available for auction on various sites, usually for an exorbitant price.

This figure is not posable and depicts Samus in a pose with her left foot slightly raised, with her Paralyzer brandished. The front of the box features Samus as she appears on the game's boxart, and the back depicts a black and white stock art piece of Zero Suit Samus for the game.

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