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ZDR is a remote robot-infested planet[1] and the setting of Metroid Dread. A mysterious transmission from an unknown source is received by the Galactic Federation and traced to this planet. The message indicated that the X Parasites had not been entirely destroyed when Samus Aran crashed the BSL Station into SR388. The Federation sends a team of E.M.M.I. robots to investigate and loses contact with them. Samus, who has immunity to the X Parasites due to her Metroid vaccination, travels to ZDR to confirm for herself if the X have survived.




  • ZDR is the second planet to have a purple atmosphere in the Metroid series, preceded by Dark Aether.
  • In astrobiology, the purple Earth hypothesis posits that early life forms on Earth were retinal-based, rather than chlorophyll-based, making Earth appear purple. This hypothesis may provide insight for potential life on exoplanets. Interestingly enough, alien life roams freely on ZDR.


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