"Space Pirate encrypted data decoded."

The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

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The Zapper is a model of turret used by the Space Pirates, encountered in the Scrapworks. Its name is never stated in-game, as the room is explored in Morph Ball form and so the turret cannot be scanned- however, its name can be found in the game's scripting files. It works by targeting objects that only move along certain sections of track. Whether it is exclusive to the Space Pirate Homeworld is unknown. A similar design of turret is employed by the rogue Aurora Unit 313 during Samus' battle with the computer on Phaaze. However, this turret fires different projectiles that resemble Rinkas.

It can be seen firing upon Phazon Grubs and Phazon Leeches when not attacking Samus Aran, suggesting it is meant for pest control.

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