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"Zazabi's room" is a room in Sector 2 (TRO). It appears in Metroid Fusion. It is here where Samus confronts Zazabi, the second boss in the game.


This room is found near the very bottom right of Sector 2. Visually the room resembles a deep tank. The floor and walls are covered in what appears to be some sort of moss or mold, with a sickly blue-green color. Large tree trunks in the background span the height of the room, with a deep teal color and several open pores or holes. These are surrounded by cactus and vine-like plants, some of which appear to have round red berries or flowers growing from them.

The left wall extends almost up to the ceiling, leaving a pillar in front of the entrance door. While the ledge of this is low enough for Samus to grab so she can pull herself up, falling down to the bottom of the room leaves Samus trapped until she prevails in the coming encounter.


Samus comes here after obtaining Bomb data from a nearby Data Room, on her way back to the Navigation Room. Tense music begins to play and the door behind her locks. Upon falling to the bottom floor, a Core-X appears, surrounded by standard yellow X and forms into Zazabi, commencing a battle.

While Samus has little in the means of cover, the room is wide enough that she has plenty of room to evade the creature's attacks. Once she has defeated it and absorbed its Core-X, Samus regains her Hi-Jump and Jumpball abilities, which were stolen by the X that infected her Power Suit. With the Hi-Jump Samus can jump to a ledge in the left wall and grab onto it, then climb up and back over to the entrance.

After Neo-Ridley is defeated, Samus has the opportunity to explore the station and collect any remaining expansions she has missed before linking up with her computerized CO once more. Upon returning to this room, she can Space Jump across to the top right wall, where there is a ledge. Screw Attacking through the wall here exposes a path into a room with a Missile Tank and Power Bomb Tank.

Connecting rooms[]

This room is entered from a large, crooked hallway with a shaft containing an Energy Tank, divided by a floor. From the secret exit on the top right, it exits into a large chamber with a Power Bomb Tank, which is reached by performing a complicated series of Shinesparks.

Curiously, when viewed on a full map, the door into the expansion room is positioned higher than the opposite door into this one.



Hi-Jump and Jumpball
Recovered upon the defeat of Zazabi.

Official data[]

Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

9. BOSS BATTLE (pg. 32)
"The tall, segmented Sector 2 boss creature hops, then stomps the ground. If it lands on you, it will consume you for a moment and sap your energy. You must Bomb your way out of the beast to escape. Run under the boss when it's in the air. Then when it opens its mouth and begins to float to the ground, position yourself directly under it and launch Missiles, through the mouth, aiming for the eye. After you hit the creature several times, it will revert to Core-X form. Hit it with more Missiles to collect the Hi-Jump and Jumpball."
"The segmented creature's skin protects it from your shots. You must find a weak spot."
"When the creature opens its mouth and floats slowly to the ground, fire Missiles straight up into the mouth of the beast."
Sector 2 Tank Trials #16 (pg. 111)
"You'll find Screw Attack Blocks in the upper-right corner of the boss arena in Sector 2. Fly through the barrier and make your way to a room that has several levels, largely comprised of breakaway blocks."

Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

This guide makes no mention of the secret entrance to the large room with the Shinespark puzzle.

Page 98
"A large Core-X becomes a giant plant that would like to eat Samus fore breakfast. It bounces up and down very quickly, and you must run back and forth to avoid being trapped. However, after several bounces, it pauses in the air, then floats slowly down. This is your chance to fire missiles straight up into the plant. When you score a hit, the plant changes colors and looks visibly upset. After a few hits, it begins to shrink. After you whittle it down to size, a final hit turns the plant back into a Core-X. Continue firing until you penetrate its shell and release the X (each hit releases a few X, so be ready to jump up and grab them for an energy boost)."
Tip: "When the Core-X turns red, it is one shot away from being destroyed."
"After blasting the Core-X, leap up and grab the remaining red X to regain Samus's Hi-Jump and Jumpball abilities. You can now leap higher, which is especially helpful in morph-ball form. By sending the ball into the air, you can place bombs at various heights, revealing hidden passageways or special breakaway blocks."
"Exit the room by going to the left, jump up, and go through the hatch on the left."