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The Zebesian Hologram (ゼーベス星人ホログラム Zebes-Horogram?)[1] is a holographic Zebesian used in the training sequence at the beginning of Metroid: Other M.


The Zebesian Hologram is commanded by the Head Quarantine Officer in Samus's SenseMove and Missile training.

In SenseMove traning, it appears invisible save for its outlines, firing beams that Samus has to dodge.

In Missile training, it hangs off the ceiling and Samus must find it "for [the Head Quarantine Officer]" and knock it down with a Missile, "[to] say hello". It will then combat her. Missiles no longer work on it as the Zebesian Hologram will successfully dodge it with ease (the Head Quarantine Officer remarks that it "has gotten tired of them"), and Samus is forced to take it down with shots or melee attacks. None of its attacks damage her, due to it being a hologram (although Samus will still grunt in pain). It can be defeated quite quickly, but it is very swift and attacks either with melee attacks (if Samus gets hit by a few of these the Head Quarantine Officer will wonder if "[she's] going to just stand around when something grabs her") or shooting its beam at Samus.

If Samus damages it enough, she can perform an Overblast or a Lethal Strike on it. If it is stunned during a Lethal Strike moment, it's also possible to kill it with a Missile instead of Lethal Strike. The hologram seems to have some measure of tangibility, as Samus can jump on it to use Overblast.

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"A Zebesian hologram encountered during training."