Zeela, also known as Kreela[1], is a species of arthropods sporting long eyestalks that appear in Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission, Super Metroid, and Metroid Fusion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Zeelas are quite agile and can climb walls and hang onto ceilings with little difficulty. They are native to Brinstar and Kraid's Lair on Zebes. Like the near-identical Geemers of Crateria and Norfair, Zeelas seem to be nothing more than indigenous lifeforms and not a biological weapon used by the Space Pirates. According to the Metroid manual, they have no bones.

They come in three known variations: Green, Yellow, and Red. They are all identical in behavior to Zoomers, Sovas, and Geemers. In Metroid: Zero Mission, the red version's eyes will fall off when the creature is destroyed, damaging Samus if they come into contact with her.

Zeelas[2] were captured and brought aboard the Biologic Space Laboratories research station prior to the events of Fusion, where they were eventually infected and mimicked by the X Parasites. Through the X's ability to manipulate their victims' DNA, these Zeelas could now inhabit the sub-zero temperatures of Sector 5, unlike their original forms that lived in the tropical areas of Zebes. X-infected Zeelas were more grotesque in appearance than their unmodified counterparts; they also gained tube-like protrusions on their sides which they used to fire tiny sparks of energy in arcs.

Official data[edit | edit source]

Super Metroid artwork.

Metroid manual[edit | edit source]

"These boneless animals creep along horizontal and vertical surfaces. They normally live underground. The blue ones are the strongest."

Victory Techniques for Metroid[edit | edit source]

"Crawls around the floor and ceiling, moving its eyeballs."

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[edit | edit source]

"This enemy moves like Zoomers and lives underground. His defensive power is stronger than Zoomers’."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[edit | edit source]

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Brinstar. Moving slowly on lush surfaces, they only serve to get in your way.
Normal 30 10 22 10 48 20 0


Super Metroid Players' Guide[edit | edit source]

"Kreela's slow and quite easy to destroy, taking just a couple of hits."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Captain N: The Game Master episode "Game Boy", which prominently features many enemies from Metroid, Simon is attacked by a pair of hopping creatures while exploring Metroid. While they are not referred to by name, certain aspects of their design (particularly the large eyes, arthropod features, and blue/orange color scheme) suggest that they may be Zeelas.
  • Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide erroneously refers to Zeelas as Bulls, despite otherwise correctly identifying the latter species.[3]

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