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Zegan Doh (ゼガン・ドウ Zegan Dō?), nicknamed Chopping Zegan, is a Bounty Hunter that appeared in Samus & Joey beginning in Volume 3, Chapter 16.


Zegan Doh has a face with a mouth resembling that of a skeleton and wears an armorsuit with spikes covering the shoulderpads and other such areas. His right arm is equipped with a large scythe that cuts through virtually anything and his left arm is equipped with a shield. He has an arrogant personality and wishes to take Samus Aran's place as the greatest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy.


Zegan Doh confronts her at the Galactic Peace Alliance Building and proclaims he will surpass her. Samus, who does not let her status go to her head, brushes him off. However, it is revealed that he is working for the Dominion, who has promised him status and wealth if he kills Samus. He later confronts her again while she is out buying a B-Unit for her Gunship, and they fight in a forest. Zegan overpowers her at one point, chopping off a piece of her Arm Cannon. Joey, who arrives to assist Samus, uses his Field Knuckle to block Zegan's hits. Samus then defeats Zegan with her Ice Beam and Super Missile.

While it was thought that Zegan had died in the battle, he unexpectedly returns in chapter ten of Metroid EX, having been employed by the Galactic Federation to "exterminate Space Pirates". Bomad, another enemy of Joey and Samus who accompanies Zegan, argues with him that his real motive is to repay his debt by saving Samus. They hold off an army of Integras for Joey, Diesel and Knight, hoping it will make them "look cool".

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"A hunter in the same trade as Samus. He is called, 'Chopping Zegan.'"

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