"Zipline" redirects here. It is not to be confused with the zip line of Metroid: Zero Mission.

A Zipline Cable is a transportation device that appears on the planet Elysia. They are used by grabbing onto one of the line's ends with the Grapple Beam and swinging along the line. The Arm Cannon is still usable during the ride, making this gameplay segment into something of an on-rails shooter (quite literally, as well). On most Ziplines, ZipNMEBombers and Zipline Gates are abundant, encountered and if not destroyed can cause Samus to fall off the Zipline.

On the way to the Powerworks, in Zipline Station Charlie, several Aerial Repair Drones can be seen performing maintenance on the cables, and when Samus reaches a certain point, the entire Zipline shatters, requiring her to use the Screw Attack and Spider Ball (after collecting the latter) to get back to the other side.

Logbook entry[]

Samus rides a Zipline.

Zipline Station Charlie
"Zipline Cable is unusable. Cable has sustained severe damage and is now offline."

Zipline Cable

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Structure identified: Zipline Cable.
Rail is a transit system between pods. Connect to it using the Grapple Beam.

Logbook entry

Zipline Cables were designed as a transit system between pods on SkyTown. Connect and hold onto the cable by pressing and holding Z while targeting the Grapple Point at either end.

Development notes[]

Kynan Pearson suggested that the Zipline Cables influenced the Sky-Line transportation system in BioShock Infinite, although this has not been confirmed by the developers of that game.[1]


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