Zipline Station Bravo is a room on SkyTown in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Description[edit | edit source]

This room is, as the name implies, a long Zipline Cable station. When Samus rides on the rail, numerous floating objects will try to knock her off. She must shoot them to continue moving. At the end of the rail is a large cannon with four Locking mechanisms on it. When deactivated the cannon will allow Samus access to a quicker transport to Transit Hub.

Connecting rooms[edit | edit source]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Scans[edit | edit source]

Safety cap
"Safety cap is blocking access. All connected targets must be shot simultaneously to destroy cap."
"Cannon access is blocked. Remove the safety cap to enter and use the cannon."
"Cannon is ready for use. Enter the opening to automatically initiate the firing sequence."
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