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Zozoro (ゾゾロ?)[1] are small worm-type creatures that appear in Sector 6 (NOC) of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station during the events of Metroid Fusion.


The Zozoro encountered in the BSL research station are all infested by the X Parasite or imitations created by latter. They are among the few organisms never seen on Zebes or SR388, thus their homeworld remains unknown.

Their brightly colored bodies are their most distinguishing trait, featuring purple, yellow, green and blue colors. A pair of red eyes and a pair of yellow, twitching antennae are located at the front.

Zozoro can be found crawling along the ground, walls or ceilings. If they are shot when crawling on the latter two surfaces, they immediately drop to the floor and, agitated, begin moving at a quicker pace. They do not posses any attacks and can only damage Samus Aran through direct contact.

While it can be inferred that the Zozoro are subterranean and/or nocturnal creatures based on their habitat aboard the research station, it must be noted that their contact with the X Parasite may have biologically altered the creatures and were moved into environments that are not naturally suited for them, as seen with the Dessgeegas in Sector 2 (TRO).


  • The Zozoro's name, behavior, and worm-like body are similar to the Zero (which is also known as the even more similarly-named Zoro). However, it is unlikely that there is any definite connection between the two species. Zeros were firmly established to be Kihunter larvae and go through their metamorphosis in both Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Other M, while Zozoro only appear in the former game and do not undergo any transformation at all.