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The Zuru (ヅル Zuru?)[1], also known as a little firefly[2], is a small, harmless insectoid encountered in Sector 1 / Biosphere on the BOTTLE SHIP.

Description[edit | edit source]

They somewhat resemble a terrestrial Trilobite, as well as another BOTTLE SHIP creature known as a Wadge. Unlike those two creatures, though, the Zuru has fewer features, is more yellow in color, and has a stalk with a luminescent bulb on the end protruding from its head, somewhat similar to an anglerfish's lure.

After the first encounter with Little Birdie, Commander Adam Malkovich authorizes access to a long pathway, where an endless line of the Zurus can be seen slowly crawling out of a Morph Ball tunnel. While they do not interact with Samus Aran in any way (although they will explode when shot at), they serve as a hint to where she needs to go next, as they are seen dropping from a tunnel in a nearby wall leading to a Holographic Generator. They will disappear in all subsequent visits to the room.

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"Appears in Sector 1. If you destroy Rio nests, and they appear from nearby ducts."

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